Why is VAR technology still not favored nowadays?

Neil Swarbrick – the head of the video assistant referee (VAR) system has just been applied at the Premier League football championship has defended this controversial technology.

Mr. Neil Swarbrick said that football fans should practice living with VAR

Specifically, Mr. Swarbrick said that technology critics need to “live with it” and need to develop with the technology. Prior to becoming one of the supervisors of the new VAR system, he was also the referee involved in running more than 900 Premier League matches. He thinks that people will get used to VAR technology.

Video-based arbitration assistant technology – also known as VAR – has been heavily criticized since its introduction this season, critics claim that VAR has curbed the excitement and drama of matches. This is due to the time it takes to watch the video images rewind before the referee makes a decision on sensitive situations.

Former Sunderland striker Kevin Phillips told Sky News that, despite being a fan of the new system (VAR), he felt very happy that it had not been used in his time.

Phillips said, “Players may have to wait and restrain their emotions before jumping up to celebrate the goal, because they will have to wait for VAR technology’s confirmation – something that can strip away goals and feelings.”

Unlike Phillips, the former referee Swarbrick said that fear did not affect the reality that was played out by the 70-game statistics in England that applied VAR.

Criticism also focused on the technology used in VAR, but upgrading the camera system to 50 frames per second for live matches and replaying at 25 frames per second showed little effort. Minimize errors of organizers. Because the use of a VAR video camera at 50 frames per second allows quick detection of events even when the situation occurs within 0.02 seconds.

However, the inclusion of technology in the decision to win or lose does not seem to really convince many people and fans, at least when there is a delay before recognition of the goal or penalty decision due to References from VAR.