Learn about goal line technology used in football

Electronic technology in general and goal line technology in particular are always indispensable in every match. In addition to supporting the referees, it also brings fairness and attractiveness to all the top games. So let’s find out what the goal-line technology!

What is Goal line technology?

Goal-line technology in football is the application of technical technologies to assist referees in determining whether a scored goal is valid or not. Valid here means the ball has rolled all the way out of the goal line and the goal is awarded. Conversely, if the ball has not rolled over the line, it means the goal will not be recognized.

Remember that Goal-line Technology was created not to replace arbitration decisions but only to assist the “black king” in making his decision most accurately.

The World Football Federation has started to apply Goal-line technology in official matches at the 2014 World Cup to provide maximum support for referees. Up to now, most major national championships around the world have applied Goal-line technology to bring the most efficiency and fairness to each match.

Operation of Goal line technology

Goal-line technology is provided by Germany’s GoalControl, the goal-line mechanism uses 14 cameras, the goal of each team will be designed with 7 cameras to make accurate conclusions. about whether the ball has completely rolled over the line or not.

With the mechanism working as above, goal-line technology will be recognized when the ball rolls out of the goal line, the watch worn by the referees will vibrate, this is a notice from technology. goal-line sent to the officials, it will take less than 1 second for the referee to receive this notification message.

In addition, only the officials will receive a notification when the ball has entered the goal, otherwise if there is no signal, the referee will continue the game without interruption. The sensor of the camcorder will confirm the movement of the ball at a minimum distance of 5mm. To do that, the images taken from the camera will be sent to a computer capable of recognizing the movement of the ball.

Thanks to technologies such as the above goal line technology, the football in the world is increasingly improved and developed. Fans also enjoy the peak match with the fairness and the most attractive.