Learn about the goal line technology in football nowadays (Part 2)

One of the best goals in the Premier League belongs to Rooney’s super-kick bicycle. Check out the details in this article!

Goalline technology is certified by FIFA

What is Goal recognition technology? This is the most prominent and popular technology system today. This technology segment uses up to 14 more advanced cameras. Cameras are installed around the stadium and are located in various locations. However, they are facing both sides of the golf course to record the image of the ball.

Especially, this Goal technology can identify whether someone tries to hide the camera view. Because on the field now there are still at least about 3 cameras that can capture that moment. Moreover, these cameras can record every detail clearly. The speed of determining the ball can be up to 120km / h. That is more than enough to assess what is the quality of the Goal.

In addition, when the ball has been crossed over the goal line, the referee will receive a notification. A signal will be sent to the umpire via the smart meter or at listening. Of course these devices were held by the referee during the course of the match.

Goldline helps the referee determine the ball into the net

What is Goldline magnetic field sensor technology? This is the technology that integrates an electromagnetic sensor into the ball center. Then build another magnetic field around the Penalty area and at the baseline. In order to form a magnetic network to determine the signal.

They can install more antennas to make the calculation process more accurate. Of course the sensor inside the ball is also very solid and durable. However, from the perspective of experts, this technology is not as good as the identification camera.

What is Goal Technology? Why should Goldline technology be used for football? The above article has somewhat answered the question for you. At the same time help you have a better view of advanced technology in football.