How VAR to affect football betting

Betting in football has become popular with everyone in the world. Firstly, it’s a kingdom sport which attract to everyone so it brings happiness and relaxing for player. In addition, betting in football can earn a huge sum of money if you are lucky.

To protect more rights for player, betting on Football conference was hold in London made overview to apply VAR to football betting. This article will discuss detail about VAR and using it to football betting.

FIRSTLY, what is VAR technology?

It stands for Video Assistant Refereeing, meaning that it uses a system to review error or mistake of players. Then it helps main referee to make final decision for merits.

Actually, it’s useful and corrective because some tricks from players can overcome vice and main referee’s appreciation. But VAR will return some moments ago to have correct conclusion.

SECONDLY, VAR progress report

All players and fans completely agree and admire to VAR verdicts. It seems completely correct and equal to final result of the match. It brings suggestion and added transparency for referee to make critical decisions.

THIRD, impact of VAR on betting sports

According to bookmakers, using VAR will waste more time in process of in-play betting. Actually, this disruption has occurred in total match applied VAR like: Fifa World Cup, FA Cup or the Uefa Champions League.

Besides it, they complain that VAR has been applied in different competitions then lacked information about reason and time to use VAR. Furthermore, when players are sad, it can’t badly affect to the wider gambling industry. For example, Sky Be forced to stop customer’s cashing out on betting sport because they lose control in withdrawing it. So they feel difficult to apply VAR in football betting.

Seemingly that differences in VAR conventions and real football competitions makes trouble in applying VAR in betting football.