The Premier League chart will change a lot if there was no VAR technology

The position of the big guys in the “Big 6” group of the Premier League will change a lot if VAR was not applied in the 2020/21 season.

Premier League season 2020/21 is taking place extremely exciting and many interesting surprises. After 8 rounds, former king Leicester City is leading the table by 18 points. This is more than two teams chasing behind are Tottenham Hotspur and defending champions Liverpool with the same distance of only 1 point.

How will the Premier League chart change if there was no VAR

Without VAR, Liverpool would have reached the top of the table. MU would rank 15th after the first eight rounds in the Premier League this season. Recently, The Sun has provided an interesting scientific result with the assumption that if VAR was not applied.

The Premier League chart will change a lot if there was no VAR technology

Accordingly, without VAR technology, penalties or the ball can lead to a red card. Therefore, the Big 6 would probably change a lot of scores and rankings on the chart.

Liverpool would have 2 more points to increase their current score to 19 points to rise to the top of the table. Tottenham would still keep the score of 17 to be second, and Leicester City will lose 2 with 16 points left and 2 steps down to 3rd place.

MU without VAR would be even worse than now when they can lose 1 more point. The team may drop 1 place from 14th to 15 when there are only 8 points. Chelsea is still ranked 5th, while Man City and Arsenal will move one more step to rank 9th and 10th respectively in case this hypothesis comes true.

This season, without VAR, the “Merseyside Red Brigade” would have ranked at the top of the table instead of third and had to chase Leicester City and Tottenham as the current situation. The Premier League this year has also been tarnished many times because of the interference from VAR.

Aston Villa was refused by the referee to recognize an early goal in the match against Arsenal on November 8. Referee Martin Atkinson then even had to run to the pitch to review this controversial situation. However, there was only a small screen when the main screen on the Emirates Stadium had a problem.