Today’s technology is developing at a fast rate helping us in almost all aspects of our lives. It was inevitable that technology would infiltrate into the sporting world quickly just as it did in other areas and disciplines. Companies around the world are investing so much in research and development to come up with gadgets that will be useful in the sporting world to help teams prepare for competitions, improve on the teams training and also those to be used during games and in competitions. Find out all you need to know about technologies that have been approved by the football governing body FIFA to be used in football competitions on this site. Some of the technologies covered include;

  • Goal-line technology

Goal-line technology is used in instances where there is a dispute if the ball has crossed the goal-line in a soccer game. You must have seen on TV where replays show a wrong decision made by the referee in awarding or denying a goal. Read through the site to know more about this technology.

  • Video assistant referee

The video assistant referee (VAR) constitutes of an assistant referee who assists the main referee in making decisions that may be contested through the use of video resources and in turn notify the center referee through a headset.

Technologies used In Betting

As technology advances betting companies have also not been left behind and many of them have come up with more innovative ways to help customers have a seamless experience when betting. Some of the recent technologies used in betting include; online betting where you are able to place bets on the go, improved analysis and prediction software that helps you make informed betting decisions, more convenient way to deposit and withdraw winnings. We have so much information on this site related to technologies used in football and betting which you don’t want to miss.