Using EPTS technology in football

Nowadays technology has been developing and applying to many fields in our lives. As a consequence, technology also has been applied more and more in the sports, especially in football. Thanks advances and improvement of technology, it supports football player training regimes and finally in the matches with high achievement.

EPTS standing for electronic performance & tracking system is granted as one of the most outstanding technology in football. This article will share more information about this technology and how it affects to football development.

From meaning of this name, we can imagine about function of this technology. It is an automatically system to consult football teams about decision for improvement of their talent and performance through training courses before starting an official competition. It is attached with cameras and transmitters to follow the training status of athletes. Through EPTS, player can understand correctly about his individual performance, then achievement of entire team.

According to form of activity, an EPTS is to be followed and consulted to players and ball positions. Besides it, it can be combined with other machines such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, hear rate monitors hay some devices for measuring load or physiological parameters.

Using of an EPTS would traditionally occur during training in order to be able to see how a given player has worked through a chosen training unit.

In theory, EPTS can be useful for your process to train or see how is your training process after professional lessons. It is so good to help coach and manager team to discuss to other benefits on technology in football.

For example, a football team coach will use transmitter from EPTS technology to analyze disposition of per player then have summary about status of a whole team. As a good result, it is easy for coach to get a detailed view about his team performance through comparison among players based on the same factors and terms.