Barca get angry on penalty statistics from the VAR after losing to Real

Barca has reason to be angry that the VAR technology. This technology in football awarded Real Madrid the controversial penalty in the dispute between Ramos and Lenglet.

At the time of the Super Classic score between Barca and Real Madrid was 1-1. Then in the penalty area, Clement Lenglet used his hand to pull Sergio Ramos’s shirt, causing the defender to fall to the field.

Initially, the referee did not blow the penalty. However, he received a signal from the VAR room asking to review the situation. As a result, after checking the back image, Martinez Munuera decided to award a penalty to Real Madrid and Ramos to increase the score to 2-1.

The situation that led to a controversial penalty in Barca vs Real Madrid match

Statistics expert @ 2010MisterChip revealed that of the 815 football matches since the VAR technology was used in the Spanish league, only six times, including the Super Classic, penalties are penalized for was struggling in the penalty area without the referee blowing his whistle at first.

The first was a dispute between Laguardia and David Lopez in the football match of Alaves – Espanyol. Then, the situation between Inigo Martinez and Sergi Enrich in the Eibar – Athletic match.

Also, the situation between Bruno and Gameiro in the Getafe – Valencia match. Another same situation was between Vallejo and Javi Guerra in the Rayo match – Real Madrid.

The referee considered the VAR even though it did not blow a penalty before

Four of these occurred in the 2018/19 season. Meanwhile, there was only one in the last season. It was between Dani Garcia and Escalante in the Eibar – Athletic match. The situation between Lenglet and Sergio Ramos is the first this season.

According to Mundo Deportivo, based on the aforementioned statistics, it is clear that there was an abnormality when the video referee room interfered with the dispute situation in the penalty area, which further proves the abnormality of the decision.