Top the most soccer players in 2019

<Part 1>

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world all the time with about 3.5 billion fans. Many people can’t explain the amazing or interest from football. If you are a fan of football, you can’t miss top the most soccer player in 2019 as the following. It helps you to overview about 1 football year with many international competitions. Follow it and guess whether your idol is on the top or not.

1/ Lionel Messi

He is on the first rank for top the most excellent player in 2019. Sure that he is a solid symbol about soccer.

By achievements during Barcelona’s season and FIFA World Cup, he becomes a key person in this team who takes all football in the world to storm of talent and winning. Not only a famous player in 2019, Messi is considered as one of the greatest soccer players all the time.

2/ Cristiano Ronaldo

He is a versatile star of Juventus club. Estimated that he is regarded as one of the most excellent players with the most number of goals of all the time. For example, he reached 121 goals in the UEFA Champions League.

By his talent and appearance, he has a huge number of fan all over the world. They are crazy to follow him on the Internet as well his football match. It makes him become the most famous player in 2019.

3/ Andres Iniesta

He is a famous defender in controlling speed with competitor and fair of his play. In 2012, he has been honored to be European Player of the Year because his talent during the season.

Until now, he is top three most popular player in the soccer rank. Andres Iniesta also is a great captain who always leads his member to compete professionally. At the moment, he is playing at Midfielder.