Things you may not know about VAR technology in football (Part 2)

In March 2016, at the annual IFAB meeting, the organization decided to test for two years the VAR evaluation software and the first test match was the match between Italy – Spain and Italy – Germany. At first, it was believed that VAR could be used in any situation on the field, but when it was used, it was hard to achieve.

Therefore, they use VAR only when necessary to achieve the so-called “minimum intervention and maximum benefit”. From here, VAR technology in football has promoted its inherent uses.

VAR dissemination process

By 2017, this technology is commonly used in many countries and football leagues including Germany, Italy, Portugal, League Cup and FA Cup of England. As expected of the experts, despite many errors, but thanks to this technology, the matches took place much better.

In particular, the World Cup 2018 has become the first biggest football tournament on the planet that uses VAR technology. Although still having some problems, but brought a lot of success and fairness for the matches.

A few notes when using VAR technology in football

In the matches, it is hard to avoid the special circumstances that make it hard for you to back up. Even in many big games, despite the intervention of VAR, the referee still made the wrong decision or made it difficult for the viewers to understand.

Therefore, whether tracking or using this modern technology, you need to pay attention to the following issues.

Goals have offside or other errors before.

Situation of the ball outside the field before becoming a goal.

Foul inside or outside the restricted area.

Situation of the ball outside the field before leading Penalty.

Foul situations such as cheating, racial discrimination, etc. that are not known in the talent.

One problem that always makes you wonder if this technology is limited or not. This technology is not limited to use in or out of matches and related information. The use of video technology in football, the referee can cool the player even though this situation has happened. This is to ensure absolute equality for the players playing on the field.


Through this article of world sports news, you already know useful information about VAR technology in football. This is a technology that marks the development of mankind in the present era. Thanks to this technology has guaranteed the fairness of football.