6 ways is for technology to transform sport

In the modern ear, using technology in sport has strongly evolved which changes the interact among audiences, teams, players and couches. It is no doubt to talk that technology has even changed the sport more successfully itself with modifications, improvements and growths.

To understand clearly about importance of technology in sports, this article will discuss top the best 6 ways for technology in transforming sport more successfully. The fact that, this article is a small part in huge benefits from technology for sports.

1/ Referee Assistance

In general, referee can’t control total activities and interaction of players. Although there is a referee group to support the main referee, it can happen missing or mistake which leads to get unbalance for teams.

This issue has been improved dramatically when having support from machine. The fact that refereeing review systems have consulted and supported the referee group to make decision correctly. We can see the refereeing review systems on some popular sports such as: soccer, baseball, cricket, rugby and tennis. Depending on another sport, technology should be invented properly, for example VAR in soccer, Decision Referral System (DRS) in baseball, cricket, Hawk-Eye and Hot Spot in tennis.

2/ Clothing & Equipment

Don’t think that clothing and equipment have no value for the winning in sport. The fact that computing power can be applied successfully thanks to support motion clothing, capture or 3D modeling from the design of equipment and footwear.

For example, the Adidas MiCoach system has been used for several European rugby teams and Major League Soccer teams to practice before joining official competitions.  Or the system to track athletes’ heart rate, speed, jump height, distance ran and other related data can support overall test professionally for players. Then this system can suggest the diet, practice schedule to meet standard of professional athlete.