The terms and abbreviations used in the VAR technology

In the article below, we will learn about several technical terms and abbreviations are used to refer to the VAR system.

Test – The process by which the VAR automatically checks all reviewable decisions. Checking can lead to confirmation of a decision on the field or a change of decision.

Clear and obvious errors – The need for a decision on the ground is overturned.

OFR – review of the process as recommended by the VAR. Used when an obvious mistake could have been made with a subjective decision.

RO – Playback the video and find the best angles to allow for the right decision.

RRA – Arbitration Judging Area; the area where OFR is conducted.

VAR – The video assistant referee has a primary role to check all reviewable incidents and recommend OFR when a clear and obvious error occurs. The VAR is a current or former qualified referee.

Official Video – Official directory of the match, together with the official on duty. Include the VAR and any AVAR.

VOR – Video operation room, a room where the VAR group is located. The VOR can be placed in or near a stadium, or in a concentrated location such as the broadcast center.

Scenarios for using VAR technology in football

VAR technology in football is quite new. Currently, it is only used in 4 fixed cases as follows.

Recognize or not recognize a goal, or there is a dispute over whether a goal is offside, touching, or not.

Decide whether to take a penalty or not. The area in the penalty area is installed with a lot of VAR technology because it significantly affects the match results of the two teams.

The referee mistakenly identifies the player leading to the wrong card withdrawal.

The red card directly. If the referee wonders whether to use the red card or not, he can review the violent videos or make the mistake to make an accurate decision.

VAR in football is used in many situations

Many people are still unfamiliar with and still wonder what VAR technology in football is. However, in recent tournaments, both players and fans have to recognize VAR’s great support in the referee, and sometimes it is the deciding factor in the outcome of the match.