Mixed opinions on VAR technology in football

There has been controvesy not only with viewers but also with professional players about VAR technology in football. So what is VAR? Why is VAR technology applied in football?

What is VAR?

VAR or Video Assistant Referee is the video technology that helps the referee analyze fouls and goals. This technology is being tested in the UK, Germany, and Italy. And in the 2018 World Cup, VAR was used officially at an international football tournament for the first time.

This is a system consisting of a team of four referees, all of which are FIFA-level referees, responsible for assisting the referee in controlling the game on the field by video.

The VAR system gives referees access to all cameras located throughout the field. And the referee on the field will receive the foul notice from the referee through this video through the headphones.

VAR or Video Assistant Referee is the video technology that helps the referee analyze foals and goals

In this event, the court official needs to analyze a previous foul situation. The referee will signal by drawing a rectangle. The video referees will re-evaluate the situation and send it to the referee.

Like Goal Line technology at the 2014 World Cup, VAR also caused mixed opinions.

Mixed opinions on VAR technology

VAR has had a great impact on the football games. A series of debates have taken place around VAR technology with two opposing views.

The flow of opinions agrees with VAR

Many people find that this new technology brings many positive effects. It helps to improve the accuracy of decisions on the pitch. According to FIFA, VAR has been used in around 1000 matches. The VAR’s accuracy is between 93 – 99%.

This is a potential technology with the football future. With the ability to “catch mistakes to every millimeter”, VAR directs players into healthy gameplay, more accurate skills, more legal.

The flow of objections

Despite many outstanding advantages, Var has not always received support. Many people complain that they are still vague about VAR use cases. In particular, football fans have always said that controversial phases always create drama for the match. The application of machines here loses this feeling. Besides, the analysis speed of video referees is still slow. The pace of the game often crashes between VAR applications.

Currently, VAR is only applied to one football world congress. Every time a new technology comes up, there will always be mixed opinions.