Learn about the goalline technology in football nowadays (Part 1)

Currently in major football leagues around the world, modern technologies are heavily applied. In there such as Var technology, driverless bus, smartphone integrated ball.

The most typical of which is Goal technology. So what is Goal technology? Why is there Goalline technology in football?

Why is there Goldline technology in football?

Up to now, in every football field, every decision has been made by the referee. Almost no one can explain and decide on behalf of this leader. That’s why people used to call the referee the king of every pitch.

However, in every game, the argument about the goal is always obvious. Everyone argued with the ball close to the line of the goal line. Now all decisions are based on referees, so there will be times when the right time is not. That’s right, people with 2 eyes and 2 hands, how can we ask for a lot of referee.

Of course, it is also for this reason that Goalline technology has officially been born. This technology is designed to provide the most transparent and fair answers to arbitration. At the same time can help the remaining team can regain their true ball.

Moreover, the situation of unfortunate bloodshed for both sides of the team is limited. So what is Goal technology? How do they work and are they really accurate?

What is the concept of goal?

You can simply understand Goldline technology. This is a technology that helps the referee determine the ball. That is, they can tell the correct result if the ball has rolled over the goal line or not. This technology includes many sophisticated devices that can identify and analyze road data. Or analyze the position of the ball and the golf ball to calculate goals for the teams.

Goldline technology identifies the ball across the goal line

Goldline technology is manufactured by GoalControl of Germany. According to records from FIFA, this technology has passed the guarantee period. They can accurately identify up to 68 goals scored in the League Cup in 2013.

However, currently only 2 Goldline technologies have been certified by FIFA as quality. So what are 2 Goldline technologies? Specifically, the camera recognizes and senses the magnetic field.