Top famous technologies in football

Technology has astounding development pace in all fields of our lives. It is achievements created and designed by the human and to serve for the human.

As the consequence, technology also has been added in sport to increase legality, justice and civilization for all competitors. This article will discuss top famous technologies in football.

1/ The professional wireless communication system

This technology has been special for referees to contact directly to assistant referees and make final decision correctly. So they could manage objective and efficient way.

This system is convenient because something happens in the football yard but the referee can’t control it. So through consulting of assistant referees, he is confident to make a decision within a few seconds

2/ Electronic Performance & Tracking System (EPTS)

It is used for athletes to control performance of them during practice.

This system is designed with cameras and transmitters which are directly attached to players. From this system, the captain can see clearly individual performance of total team. He can see how a playeris working through EPTS.

Besides it, it can combine with other micro-electromechanical devices to make oral test about players correctly.

3/ Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

This technology has been used in the football match. VAR simply means that it is an assistant referee. But it is not a normal person. It is machine.

Through means of video resources, VAR will be used a headset to communicate with the main referee about all cases on the pitch. The referee bases analysis of VAR and other assistant referees and makes exact decision for both teams.

In 2018, the VAR has been officially introduced by the International Football Association. Since it, it has been used for big championships which requires more legality, justice as well fair play.

The VAR team has the right to access to 33 television cameras, including eight cameras are slow-motion and four cameras are ultra-slow-motion.