Top 10 highest-paid footballers in the world 2019

Football is considered as king of all sports because there are 60% population in the world love or choose football as the first sport to watch in their compulsory option. In this article, we share top 10 best footballers in the world 2019 who are determined and voted by statics and their revenue for tax payment to have a final ranking.

10/ Antoine Griezmann

He is a player in the French national team and Barcelona FC. In 2018 at the Russian World Cup, he has contributed his spectacular performance for his team to reach the valuable championship. The fact that it is the most prestigious trophy for his football career. This winning also makes other choices to join many events or advertising.

On average, he earns 23.3 million dollars including bonus, salary and endorsement deal.

9/ Oscar dos Santos Emboaba Júnior

He is a player in the Brazin national team and Shanghai SIPG club. Before he is an ex-Chelsea player with many perfect performances then one business deal between Shanghai SIPG and Chelsea then he decides to merge Shanghai SIPG side Super League with the high salary by four times.

On average, he earns 29 million dollars including bonus, salary and endorsement deal. Only about 2 millions is for endorsement.

8/ Mesut Özil

He is a player in the Germany national team and Arsenal club. He has signed the extended contract with Arsenal till 2021 so his yearly income should be dramatically increase to 24 million dollars. It is as twice as his usual yearly income. Besides his talent in football, he also does business with building up eSports team.

On average, he earns 23.7 million dollars for salary and bonus and 6.5 million dollars for endorsement deals. He is sponsors for some famous brands such as Mercedes Benz, Adidas or Beats by Dre.