Top the most soccer players in 2019

As referred from the previous article, football is the king of all sports. Almost people in the world are interesting and immersed in football. This power of football is really amazing. We can explain why millions of spectators can follow moving of a ball during 90 minutes.

To praise football, we share top the most soccer player in 2019. This list is not voted by some individuals. It is more professional and correct when it is collected and publicized by FIFA


Neymar is a star in Barcelona. Neymar has started playing soccer since he was only 17 year old. In the same stage of career with Messi, Ronaldo but Neymar still proves that he is a talented star, even sometimes he becomes more excellently.

He has been voted a captain of Brazil’s soccer team in 2016 in Summer Olympics. Then he contributes to build up top best attacking ​lines his team.


Manuel is the best goalkeeper in the world in 2019. He always expresses confidence and seriousness in everything he does.

When Bayern Munich signed contract with him in 2011, fans feel not initially convinced and believable. Bu Neuer changed total opinion of fans about him. He was excellent when he faced one-one with rival and won. Besides it, he also is capable of stunning reflex before strong shooting from other players.

In World Cup in 2014, he and German national team overcame Argentina in the finals and became winner.


He is a good attacker in Wales and Real Madrid. In his talent, he has wonderful speed and skill which makes scaring with all opponents. He has ability to make correct scores from a long range. Sometimes, he also plays at forwarding position.

Gareth joined in the final Copa del Rey in 2014 and UEFA Champions League in 2016.