Major Football Leagues In Europe

The UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) is the body that controls European football. It currently has a total of 55 members who are associations representing individual countries. These associations are responsible for administering and controlling football activities in individual countries.

All the states within Europe are members of the UEFA apart from Vatican City, Monaco, and the United Kingdom which is divided into four independent football associations which have individual memberships to the UEFA. These four divisions include England, Wales, Scotland and North Ireland.

Each of the member states has its own league system where clubs compete in different levels with teams competing in the top division of the Countries league being crowned as the countries’ club champions. The UEFA organizes its own club competition known as the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League where member states are represented by top clubs in their respective leagues with teams being determined through a co-efficient qualifying system.

Top European League

Europe has some of the most followed and competitive leagues around the World with top teams battling it out for individual countries’ major titles and other club titles such as the Champions League, Europa League, and the Club World Cup. The following are some of the top leagues in Europe:

  • English Premier League

The Premier League is the top-level English football competition that is played by 20 clubs during a season that runs from August to May and operates on a relegation/promotion system where the bottom three teams during a season are relegated to the English League One and the top three teams in the second division are promoted to the top league.

  • Spanish Football League

The La Liga is Spain’s top football league and just as the Premier League is contested by 20 top clubs from Spain with the bottom three teams being relegated to the Segunda División while the top three teams in this division are promoted to La Liga.