Basic things to know about VAR technology in football (Part 2)

Mixed opinions about VAR technology

Applying VAR technology to make matches fairer and handle controversial situations more accurately. However, VAR is becoming a controversial technology, because there are many situations where the referee still believes in his own decisions rather than using VAR technology, so the final decision. The same is still not accurate.

Agreed opinion

Of course, with VAR technology, many people agree because the controversy in football will be dominated by the accuracy brought by this technology. In a certain sense, this is the humanity in the sport of King to help the injustice be released as well as to limit the players’ minor football.


However, there are also many streams of ideas that VAR technology is killing beautiful football. While the climax of the match is being pushed up, the VAR technology will cut the excitement of the players and spectators watching the match.

How does VAR work in practice?

What is VAR in football? It is a video system and a combination of assistant referees, including 1 video surveillance referee and 3 advisers, will sit in the observation room, watching the game via video. They will contact the referee on the field via wireless headphones. When they find that the referee made the wrong decision, they will advise.

The advisers will contact the referee on the field via wireless headphones

Or when the referee is wondering about making a decision, they will contact the VAR arbitration team to review the slow-motion video together and make a final decision.

VAR is controversial in big football games

When the judges in charge of VAR technology feel that the umpire’s judgment on the field is incorrect, the situation will be reported. On the contrary, if the referee on the field feels unsure of the specific situation, it will signal the VAR referee to review the video, even the referee may stop the game for himself to watch directly. video again, then decide.

There is a lot of controversy around what VAR is in football. Typically in recent matches, VAR technology has caught fans’ criticism that many decisions thanks to VAR are inaccurate, or that VAR is there but does not interfere with the match, leading to love unfair situation.