How VAR technology is used in famous football leagues (Part 1)

The British conservative football industry has accepted the use of VAR with a lot of modifications and correction. This was to increasingly improve the arbitration. So, how will Asia use VAR after being severely criticized at Asian Cup 2019?

VAR works on England’s pitch

Approved by the FIFA Council in March, VAR is officially applied at the World Cup in June 2018. The VAR technology has gradually become familiar to football fans around the world. After goal-line technology, the emergence and use of VAR reflects the desire of people to seek justice in football.

Goal-line technology has been around since 2014

Born from Refereeing 2.0 in the early 2010s in the Netherlands, after many edits and approval of the International Football Association Council (IFAB), VAR was tested at the Club World Cup in 2016. , 2017 World Cup U20, FIFA 2017 FIFA Continental Cup Cup as well as have been applied in A-League (Australia), Serie A (Italy), La Liga (Spain) and MLS (American Professional League) .

The British use VAR in their own way

Always proud of being the home of football, I don’t want to be obsolete in all matters related to football, especially when they want to go through modern technology to wash the unfairness of “ghost goals”.

Geoff Hurst scored in the 1966 World Cup final between England host and Germany’s great rival. After goal-line technology, the latest, the British decided to use VAR on the Premier League field from the 2019-2020 season, although late but better than nothing!

Of course, the way the English bridge village uses VAR is also … different. Usually, when there is a dispute, the referee will draw a rectangle into the space with both hands and press a button on the headset.

VAR control room in the yard with a group of technicians including many who have been doing arbitration. It will analyze the situation with the help of cameras recording from different angles. The referee may check the situation on his own through a screen outside the piste.