6 ways is for technology to transform sport

Nowadays, technology has been applied many things in sports, for spectators, coach and especially athlete. Thanks for technology in advance, all troubles and practice in sport should be dramatically changed and improved.

In this article, we will continue achievements of technology in sports which transform sport to a higher ranking.

5/ Ticket

This achievement of technology brings convenience for organizer and spectator. Thanks to growth of E-commerce, viewer can buy ticket on online fast and conveniently via app and smart device such as mobile or laptop. Therefore, spectators don’t have so much time to go to stadium and arrange the line in order to buy the ticket. Furthermore, organizers also don’t need to employ staff to sell the ticket before the match. It’s really convenient and smooth for everyone.

Another achievement for wearable technology, Barclaycard and Southampton football club has recently signed an agreement to distribute bPay bands to fans. This seems like evolution beyond payments. This development makes the society and stadium without cash for payment tickets and stadium.

6/ Media

Sports take advantage of the social media to broadcast live stream match for all spectators all over the world as well as other intelligent access for people.

Nowadays, you can watch a live match at your home without going to the stadium directly. It’s convenient for some busy cases or issues about distance. All matches and big competitions should be broadcasted live on TV and the Internet to allow people to see it at anywhere and anytime. Only with access the Internet or wireless devices, all become easy in your hand.

In addition, achievement in technology has been increase the relationship among fans, media and the athletes. Fans are easy to access news from athletes. Therefore they understand detail stories about life and practice of pro athlete via blogs and social network like Twitter or Facebook