4 ways technology will have benefit for sports

Sports are highly competitive and interesting with players and audiences. To make more advance for sport, the human applies achievement of technology. The fact that technology brings a few benefits for sports. This article will focus top benefits of technology to sports.

  1. Performance

In general, technology makes higher performance for athlete. This can support player during practice or live competition. These technologies contribute to provide a wealth of data and equipment to evaluate, draft or compensate players. Even it can support to manage how the best way to construct and reach good result.

One example of applying technology in sports, they will be used in SportVU. Created by STATS LLC, SportVU has three cameras per half court to gather data on 11 data points. It means three cameras have to follow 10 players and the ball to track 25 times per second.

Another situation, there are many plethora of wearables to boost for athletes’ fitness during the training. It can provide correct data for analysis. This is a good way ti determine areas of weakness in physical performance accordingly.

  1. Fan Engagement

The digital age allows fans in the global to access athletes easily and conveniently. They can follow all live matches or any news without going to the stadium. Almost matches and events are displayed on TV and the internet widely. As long as you have mobiles, iPads and connect it to Wi-fi, you can watch all matches you prefer. So it is the best way to connect between players and fans closer and closer.

Thanks social media, fans can get experience about their favorite sports via online games. This is wonderful to improve new experience as well deeply understand about the sport. Further, online games make real feeling which you can be not incredible before