Basic things to know about VAR technology in football (Part 3)

VAR technology helps referees make the necessary decisions

Or as in the 2018 World Cup, VAR technology was also criticized in the match between Brazil and Switzerland, fans said that when scoring a goal, the Swiss player made a mistake, on the field with VAR technology but did not intervene. It was an unjust defeat for Brazil.

The process of viewing VAR technology

In the match when there is a request from the players or the referee realizes that the situation is not clear, to review the live image on the field, the referee will signal by drawing a rectangle in space.

The process of viewing VAR technology

The match will then be paused and the images will be returned on the screen in the referee’s evaluation area (RRA). There will be devices integrated with mobile screens that analyze the clearest image to help the referee review the situation and make a final decision.

Var delivers accuracy in each match

In specific cases, the last image on the field will be reviewed.

Offside kicks

Fouls lead to Penalty

Players attack the opponent before scoring

Situations that lead to direct red cards

How does VAR technology affect modern football?

What VAR technology is in football has always been a fan controversy. Some comments that VAR ruined the game, causing the match that was to continue continuously and had to be stopped. Others believe that VAR technology brings a certain level of fairness, making the players more aware of the spirit of Fair Play in football.

VAR technology helps teams play better

We can’t help but deny that Var has made a lot of sense in football. It helps the teams play better, limits the opponent’s malicious fouls as well as the situations of unclear fouls. The fights are limited because if Var technology detects, the player will certainly receive an extremely heavy penalty.

Or as before, without Var technology, hand-scorers (the referee can’t see) is still recognized. With the birth of Var is sure to bring the most fairness in the game.