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Gehwol Callus Sponge

Callus Removal Sponge.
• Large-pored mineral callus sponge.

• Designed for the gentle removing dry skin, corns and callus.
1 x Gehwol Sponge Callus Removers ONLY £2.95
5 x Gehwol Sponge Callus Removers ONLY £12.95

Fine Point Cuticle Clippers

9.5cm (3.5 inch) fine point straight blade, stainless steel cuticle nippers, designed for treating rough cuticles and rag toenails.

• 9.5cm (3.5 inch) long.

• Straight blade.

• Double leaf spring.

• Manufactured from stainless steel.

• 1 Pair per pack.
Product Code SS66 ONLY £4.95


Podiatry Instruments Range

Our range of personal nail care instruments includes stainless steel nail nippers, gehwol callus foot sponges, diamond deb nail files and cuticle nippers.

20cm Diamond Deb Nail File

Professional Diamond Deb Nail File.

• Professional nail files available in 0cm (8 inch) long Broader model.

• Made from a variety of metals and have a fine crystal sanding surface.

• Ideal for hard thick nails and hard skin.

• Used by Podiatrists, healthcare professionals and for personal use.
• Steralizable.

Product Code SS70 20cm Broader Model   £6.95


10cm Nail Nippers

Curved Blade Nail Clippers.

• Used for personal use.

• Manufactured from stainless steel.

Product Code SS12 10cm Curved Blade Nail Nippers   £9.95

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Copyright © 2017 www.FootTechnology.co.uk